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Martha Medeiros

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Brazilian luxury

Exuberant nature, meticulous work

Martha Medeiros is a passionate stylist who has made hand-made income her primal material. She developed and lapidated her creation process through the years, from childhood in Alagoas in the 60s, when she was urged by her grandmother to observe the surrounding nature as the main source of reference and inspiration: "See the mixture of colors on the cliffs, brown to terracotta to orange. "This is fashionable," she told him as she taught her to sew clothes for her dolls.

Martha watched, learned, and later allied with sensitivity to colors, shapes and textures, entrepreneurial talent, the business lore, and the innate talent for dealing with the public. Before launching the brand that bears her name in 2004, she was a successful entrepreneur at the head of a multi-brand boutique, Maison M., which marked the era in Maceió from the 1980s.

When Martha Medeiros assumed the position of stylist of her own brand, Martha Medeiros also triggered the passion she always had for the handmade income - traditional Brazilian crafts and, above all, the Northeast - making it her main raw material. It was the touch that made his success in fashion business expand into the great centers of the country and the world. The use of the income - produced exclusively for the brand by artisans from communities in the Northeast of Brazil, which now number more than 450 women - allied to other noble materials, such as fabrics from the same suppliers of Parisian couture goods, gave the brand its unique character.

Martha maintains a very close relationship with these farmers through Project Olhar do Sertão, Instituto Martha Medeiros. Their relationship with them is divided into two very distinct parts: a marketing, through paid work and the policy of goals, which allows them to exceed their financial gain according to productivity. The other is assistance, bringing assistance in various areas such as education, health and financial independence.

Thanks to the brand's great demand for handmade income, Martha rescued this tradition that was destined to end and today these women see their lives transformed by the art of making an income.

Martha opened her first boutique in São Paulo in 2009, in the Jardins region. He then had his models at the Bergdorf Goodman stores in New York and Harrods in London. He also participated in an exhibition on rents in Calais, France, and began the process of exporting to several clients in England, the United States and the Middle East.

Today, in addition to the prêt-à-porter fashion and the famous and coveted wedding dresses - in 2015 the brand opened in São Paulo an exclusive atelier for the production of them - Martha Medeiros has Home line, with decoration products for home and for parties - especially wedding - where the motives of income are the trademark.

According to the stylist, the income is the most refined national craftsmanship, made by artisans holding a precious ancestral knowledge. "This is the true luxury of Brazil," he says.